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Character Information
Name: Nyzietz Krywuz
Sex: Male
Vocation: Royal Paladin
Level: 1002
Achievements: 432
Residence: Issavi
House: Darashia 6b (Darashia)
Guild: Winx Leader of the Safebrinha Rules
Last login: 28/05/2022, 10:27
Account status: VIP Account

Character Achievements
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Character Last Deaths
27/05/2022, 16:39Died at level 1001 by a hellflayer.
27/05/2022, 15:16Died at level 1002 by a grimeleech.
10/05/2022, 12:11Died at level 988 by a crawler and Waspoid.
12/04/2022, 15:15Died at level 959 by a rotten golem and a branchy crawler.
02/04/2022, 22:12Died at level 945 by a cloak of terror.

Account Information
Loyalty Title:Squire of Safebra
Created:15/10/2021, 16:36

1. Nyzietz Krywuz Safebra online
2. Pala Dina Safebra offline

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