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Character Information
Name: Golden Pinto
Sex: Male
Vocation: Royal Paladin
Level: 1053
Achievements: 378
Residence: Thais
House: Wood Avenue 7 (Edron)
Guild: Peaky Blinders of the Peaky Blinders
Last login: 16/08/2022, 06:38
Account status: VIP Account

Character Achievements
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Character Last Deaths
16/08/2022, 06:26Died at level 1053 by a varnished diremaw and a cave chimera.
10/08/2022, 15:39Died at level 1044 by a rage squid.
03/08/2022, 13:20Died at level 1031 by a hellhound and a true midnight asura.
02/08/2022, 22:58Died at level 1031 by a mercurial menace.
02/08/2022, 22:55Died at level 1031 by a shrieking cry-stal and a mercurial menace.

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